Carved Stone Frog Fetish

I personally purchased this at a Native American auction in NYC in the 1970’s. It measures approx. 2" x 2 1/4" x 1 5/8" high and has no markings. Any ideas on type of stone and tribal affiliation?

Found this interesting read, might be some help and a great addition to a Native American resource library. I would assume this is Zuni, looks like alabaster. You want it to be Bernard Homer :), but you are going to need someone who really knows their fetishes from 50 years ago.

Thanks Jason. I’ve been checking and I think it’s starting to look like granite. There’s one called Indian Sunset that is close in color.

See if you can find anything doing a search with Utah alabaster. That is a close resource and we see a good number of carvings with this material. I don’t know about granite, can’t think of a piece someone told me it was granite.

Yes!!! Thank you. All the alabaster I was finding was white or dyed. Never saw this one. :slight_smile:

Since we’re on the subject of fetishes, do you think is this Native American?


This is an amazing piece! What a beauty!

I have never seen that before, it looks amazing. Is it inlaid shell? What makes you question the piece? Any signature on the bottom?

It isn’t inlaid, the pattern is drilled into the stone. There is no signature and the reason I’m asking is that it seems very large compared to fetishes I’ve seen. It is 6" long x 4 5/8" wide

Maybe Kent McManis at Grey Dog Trading in Albuquerque could help you. He has written several books about Zuni fetishes and recently started a fetish museum. His website is

That is a big carving. Zuni artist Herbert Halate carves some big pieces from jet. Is this a recent piece? I can ask him next time I see him if he knows who is doing this style of work.

Thank you for the references!

Herbert says he has never seen this before.

Herbert would like to know if the flower shapes are into the stone (if he ran his hand across the piece are those indentions?), if the material is heavy? Do you recall what you paid?

Hello Jason,
The design is drilled into the stone. It is heavy and weighs almost 3 lbs. I honestly don’t remember what I paid. It’s been sitting around for a few years.