Carved Turquoise Eagle

I’ve been offered this carved Turquoise Eagle. It’s unsigned with trace losses. Not sure if it is even NA and no idea of value. Any input is welcomed. Thanks!

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my personal opinion, if there’s no reliable attribution to a known carver, i assume it’s an import and value accordingly. otherwise, let your heart lead. if you love it, pay what you think it’s worth.

also, i can’t tell from the image if that’s composite/pressed stone or not. the carving seems to go through the matrix areas just as smoothly as it does through the green areas, which you would think would have a different density/fracture/texture.


It is beautiful and looks like a nice piece of turquoise. I would agree with Jemez2 that is probably not from our area.


Thanks for your input @Jemez2 and @Jason. I too questioned the overall carving. There is also white powder residue in some areas and it does not have the density I would expect (lighter than US turquoise I have handled). I also agree on origin. It just does not seem “right” to me. The residue makes me think of the new Chinese antique jade carvings that have been “aged”.