CB Hallmark and signed Chester Guerra?

I have a Navajo squash blossom necklace, purchased in a NM pawn shop. Vintage 1970’s. It is stamped CG and the name Chester Guerra is engraved in script (hand written) on the back of the naja. Is anyone familiar with this artist/name? Is Guerra a Navajo surname?

thank you.

Hi again,
Updating my original post with a few pics to help with the mystery!.
The initials on the lower corner of the naja are CG, not CB.
The inscribed full name “Chester Guerra” (or Guerro?) is on either side of the beads at top of the naja.
I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve never come across a Navajo piece where the artist signed his full name in addition to a hallmark…
And is anyone aware of any Native Americans with the name Guerra/o in the New Mexico area?
Looking closely at the opposite bottom corner, there’s a splatter of silver, which is curious… (covering up an original Hallmark?) Not trying to be dramatic, just would love to know the provenance of my beautiful necklace!

Finally, can anyone take a guess at the origin of the turquoise?

thanks again.

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I was going to quickly reply that I didn’t believe that to be a Navajo name. However, I went to Hougart’s hallmark book to verify and that is where I found several Guerro artists. I didn’t come across a Chester Guerro, but these books are never complete. I think you have the artist hallmark and full name on your piece. It is a beautiful necklace. The stone looks to be Morenci.


Thanks so much for your research and reply. I would love the necklace either way, but I’m thrilled that it’s been validated and Morenci turquoise, wow!

One more question, if I may. Do you think the beads are bench or handmade? The seam is visible, but not as prominent or “puffy” as I’ve seen on bench beads.
Thanks again!

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The beads are handmade.

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Hi Jason,
About a year ago you gave me some info on my squash, above. Well, I had a supermarket disaster - it got caught in the carriage grid and exploded! Having trouble uploading a photo, but it needs a total reconstruction.

Can you restring it or recommend someone who can? I live in NJ and not much Native American jewelry expertise here, lol. What would be the time frame and the cost?

Yes we can restring the necklace. Once we get it takes about a week for turnaround. $25 and shipping.

If you decide to mail

Perry Null Trading Company
Attention Jason A
1710 S 2nd St.
Gallup, NM 87301

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Just thought I would add that there are several Guerro’s in the Barton Wright book on Hallmarks of the Southwest. Couldn’t find a Chester, but found Amy, Flora, Frank, Fred, Fred Jr., Juan, Phillip, and Tony Guerro. Some are specifically noted as Navajo. Some stamp with Navajo. All seem to be from the New Mexico region, including: Canyoncito, Alamo, Puertocito, and Los Lunas. I’m guessing that silversmithing would be a family trade.
I wondered if the turquoise could be Bisbee, but I’m sure that Jason is much better versed than I am on kinds of turquoise. It is both lovely turquoise and lovely silverwork!

It does not have a Bisbee look. Lots of Guerros.

It’s pronounced Chester Guerro and he is my grandfather along with his brother Fred Guerro Sr. Who have created countless native Americans jewelry over the years, they reside in a small rural reservation call Alamo and I’m there grandson


Hello and welcome @feeniux06.

I hope you wouldn’t mind my asking…
Could this makers mark on my watch cuff belong to your Great Uncle’s work, or family member? Any info would be appreciated… Thank you and welcome to the forum.


Yes, the FG stands for my Grandfather Fred Guerro Sr. and I’ve seen him make that bracelet when I was a child. Both Chester and Fred guerro reside here in Alamo NM


Thank you @feeniux06! *would you know what the ^ between F^G stands for?.. Many thanks again.

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Thanks for helping me identify a cuff by your grandfather. :blush:

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Hi. Thank you so much for responding to my post inquiring about Chester Guerro. I am honored to own this exquisite Squash Blossom necklace and happy to learn more about the history. It has both CG stamped on the back, and your grandfather’s handwritten engraved signature which is unusual I think. Would you have any idea how long ago he made this? Either way, it was such a lovely surprise to receive your post and please tell your grandfather how much I enjoy wearing this beautiful piece.



it’s hard keeping track of his work especially the fact that he did make countless pieces during his lifetime. Sadly now both of my grandfathers are at the age in time where it’s alittle harder to express. but will inform him that you send him your thanks