Charlie Singer? Value?

I have this belt by supposedly Charlie Singer. Hoping that can be verified, wondering the worth AND, I would like to add some silver links to it to make it more wearable. Would that be a bad idea??

The pictures didn’t come through. Thanks

Do I add them here or to the post. Just did that on another one. I’ll throw them up here. TY


It is Charlie Singer, value can be hard. I found this bracelet for $1050, then a squash blossom at $1500. I don’t get a good feel for how big these are, I am guessing half-dollar size? $3000ish. If it doesn’t fit and you can’t wear it I would get silver links added, shouldn’t be a big deal.

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Thanks, I will do some research on him. I know very little about the different artists/silversmiths. Conchos(?) are an inch and a half across. Took a pic by a quarter for reference. Again TY. Love the belt, not overpowering and need to wear it!