Chat about Native American roots

Hi, I’m wondering if any of you can help direct me to some similar forum or other resources for learning more about Native American history and genealogy.

I am plain to see, a white lady. But my maternal grandmother’s grandfather was a Cherokee “Indian” man (or so the story goes).

I grew up always hearing my grandma telling us stories about her strange childhood in Oklahoma, and singing and dancing “Indian songs”.

She’s also the person that taught me how to hunt for silver at yard sales, and to love beadwork.

Because her family was so unconventional, and she was married so young, we have had very little to go on about her family history, but my Aunts have worked on it and have confirmed that Grandma’s Grandfather WAS a Native American from the Cherokee Nation.

I hope someday to have the genetic work done to find out more.

For now, I am just always intrigued about the possibility of having some bloodline connection with these incredible first settlers.
Thank you!

There are many resources online for ancestry research. You might find someone on the various genealogy forums who can walk you thru the search. If you know the ancestors name, you might find him on the Dawes Rolls or similar and start from there.

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Names and dates are key. Lots of free resources available for census rolls, birth certificates, cemeteries, etc.
Family Search is a free web page that links known info to other sources.
Maybe some unknown relatives have already done the research on your ancestor.

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Thank you both very much.

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