Check this out you guys and gals!

So I grabbed this up this week at an auction, basing my decision on a quick look. Got it home and wow!

Absolutely stunning, amazing details. Anyone want to give it a guess? I will post the markings tomorrow. I am just amazed at what they are. Please leave me your thoughts on craftsmanship and stone. Stay tuned!!

Stone looks like Lapis or Hemimorphite to me.

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Though the style is vintage, with the “petals” and the feather/leaf and the rope twist, I think it’s Revivalist style, and that it’s not vintage. So I am going to guess it’s by Kirk Smith.

I would guess it’s lapis. I love that stone when it has a few silver flecks in it. This seems like a clear, pure royal blue.

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As promised…This is a Mexican piece! It does have a great look too, but check out the hallmark. Having a Mexico stamp I wonder still about the stone. I haven’t seen much Royal Lapis out of Mexico. Fun Stuff!

I was soooo wrong. I’ve got only one thing that may be Mexican. I’ll have to post it here sometime. It’s a pair of earrings with Dragon’s Breath stones in them.

@saef I thought it was Native too, so don’t feel bad lol!!!