Chimney Butte Turquoise?

Ok here is a ring marked Chimney Butte-it is real signature easy to find on internet-but I do not see any of the jewelry made by him that looks like this stone?? Is it Turquoise??
I want to list it but not sure what to list it as any help would be great!
Thanks in advance!

The guys name is Eric Nelson, he owns the Chimney Butte studio and goes by “Chimney Butte”. He is in Albuquerque at Santa Fe Jewelry. He’s the big guy. I don’t have a clue on the stone but you could probably ask him.


Thanks again. Will email him!

This stone almost has the look of leopard jasper to it.


Hmmm I will take a look at that and see what I find out…I did send an email this am but haven’t heard anything yet though I am ahead time wise so still early there!
Thanks for the info!

I have a piece of Dalmatian jasper and thought it looked similar, just the wrong colors. Just an observation on this piece, it has many solid colored dots, some of the dots are a different shade of green than others, but they’re all solidly colored. All the leopard jasper I’ve seen, each spot is graduated in color from the middle of the dot to the outside edge of it, but no dots seem to be solidly colored like these are. It could also be that I haven’t seen enough Leopard jasper to know, so please consider that too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I looked at a lot of cabochons like this one and from my observation all Leopard Jasper has variated colors or at least some in them this doesn’t it only has individual splotches When I look thru the loop at this it has a lot of features that resemble Turquoise- I see dark green leading to lighter green then orangish reds-I see the little flickers across the stone randomly-I am so confused! Hope he emails me back! LOL

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agreed. i think it is definitely some form of jasper - dalmatian, ocean, sea, who knows… but i don’t think it’s turquoise.


If you still want to know what stone it is for sure I can ask him, it looks like a stone he used a long time ago so hopefully he’ll remember.

That would be great I still have no clue nor does anyone else-it is very unique-Thank you so much!

Hello again-I have not heard back from you on this and was wondering if you ever got the chance to ask about it??

You were going to email the company–any response? I agree with others that this is not turquoise and is a jasper.

I did email and got no response to it-I am trying to sell this but need to know the stone used is all-I do think it a type of Jasper as well but which kind specifically is what I am after-I can’t really price it properly without knowing that

Since you know what you have in it, and it’s a jasper that’s leopard like, isn’t that enough info to base a price on? How off can you be (asking sincerely): is it possible to under- or overprice so much that it matters? Because if not, IMO you can can list with the best info you have, and you’ve done your due diligence.

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I just get nervous selling Native jewelry I do not know enough about-I like to be accurate is all-If I am buying something I like to know what it is as well-do you not want to know this when buying vintage pieces personally??? I guess I am different-since it is a signed piece I like to try to find as much info as I can on it when I sell it because I do not like to let it go for too cheap-I start high regardless-but like it to show in searches accurately as well when I list it-I know you mentioned this was an older piece I emailed him and he never responded I need to know how old it is as well…I have no clue and that should be listed as well when I go to sell it-I am sorry if I have bothered you as you seem a bit frustrated with me…I will seek answers elsewhere if that is the case-let me know.

Not at all frustrated, just a perspective on how a seller in your position can move forward responsibly. I only meant that to me, as a very longtime and careful collector and sometime seller, the info you have now is not a barrier to a fair sale at least from the customer end of it; you know what you need to achieve. There’s often some degree of uncertainty on a stone. Sorry if this seemed an unwelcome comment.

Yes I have had the stuff a while it was left to me by my grandma-I just cant wear them due to RA in my hands nothing fits or it does then I swell and it has to be cut off-so just deciding to sell them but it is hard-they have been in the family for many years and no responsible grandkids to pass these to! And it is ok-I completely understand and appreciate everyone’s opinions and views and often help I get here-Thanks for that and thanks for the insight, much appreciated!