Chinese Turquoise, is it real?

I hope its ok to post raw stones here. I bought these stones on ebay. The seller would only tell me that they came from Asia. I really want them to be real but we all know the market has been flooded with fake stones coming out of China. They dont look like anything i have ever seen before so i would love everyones input. They range in color from a powder blue, and there are only a couple pieces of it to a seafoam green. I used a dremel to take of some of the polished exterior and the color underneath was much more vivid. I did break one as i always do, to see the inside and im just not sure as the texture seemed to rough and porus. So if anyone can help me identify or verify i would be very greatful.


Looks good, we use to get strands of beads that had this same color.


Wow, that is great! I dont suppose you know where they are from? Im going to post some pics of some necklaces that i am buying. Need your opion ok. Thanks Jason

The strands we get are from China.