Chip Inlay - Pattern and Maker Questions

Good morning all. Going thru my old pieces and trying to identify a bit more about them. When I say old, I mean old to me - this piece is probably 70’s - 80’s era. It is a nice cuff with chip inlay in a diamond pattern. Was wondering is there any info on pattern styles or names? And any idea as to artist - it is marked “Sterling B” on the very edge of the cuff - extremely hard to get a pic. Value? Time to let alot of them go but once I get them out, I am falling in love with them again.

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Chip inlay was really popular in the 70s - 80s, and I can’t think of a more common Navajo last name initial than B. It looks like a rug pattern, something you would see on the border. $90-$120

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Rug pattern? on the border? As always - thank you Jason.


The design on your bracelet is supposed to imitate many Navajo woven rug designs, hence the term “rug pattern.”

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