Choker with pendant

I just bought this through an online auction (not eBay) from New Mexico. I live in Georgia, where we don’t naturally find a lot of turquoise jewelry. I’m not a dealer and not really a collector either, but I enjoy following the topics here as a vicarious enjoyment of the beauties I don’t have.

The auction description called it antique Navajo jewelry with Boulder turquoise. I don’t know enough to judge, so would be interested in more knowledgeable people’s assessment of what the stones might be and how old it might be. Also any comments on the beads.

No markings on back. It weighs about 44 grams.The pendant is much larger than I was expecting (2" long), and I am overjoyed that I was able to get it. I think it’s stunning.


I don’t think of the piece as being an antique, the silver beads are not right for an old piece. However, I don’t believe the person selling the piece was correct about Boulder turquoise. Boulder gets its name from being mostly rock, you will have this thin vein of turquoise with a bunch of host rock. What it looks like you have here is something much better, Bisbee. Congratulations on such a nice find.


Awesome score! Bisbee is beautiful!

Jason, thanks so much. I didn’t think it looked old enough to be antique, and I appreciate knowing the kind of turquoise. Bisbee!
Islandmomma–yes, the stones are rich and dramatic in color, great depth.
I SO appreciate the knowledge shared in this forum. Thanks to all!


Help! The wire broke, and my choker is in pieces. I think I found all the beads, and the pendant seems to be okay. Please advise on the best way to get this repaired. :sob:

It’ll be ok, easy fix. Wait and someone will advise : )

I am sure Perry Null can have it restrung. I had a piece repaired there recently. Ask Jason for details.

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Nice piece. I purchased a cluster like this and now know how I should string it! Enjoy!

We can have it restrung.

Perry Null Trading
Attention Tony
1710 S 2nd St.
Gallup, NM 87301



Thanks all. I will send it this week.