Hi. Is this chrysoprase? Any ideas appreciated. Thank you! Lin


I think of this as more variscite. Chrysoprase I think is more translucent.

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Hi Jason. I see what you mean. Variscite looks right. Thanks!

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Hi Lin,

That is not chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is translucent, the really fine chryso seems to glow from within. Price is also a good tell, about 20 years ago you buy jaw dropping chryso cabs for next to nothing, now those same cabs have gone up 500% and more. I’m not sure if these links will work but here’s some of the chrysoprase in my horde.


Nice box of Chrysopraise. I have been working on a necklace for awhile, that means i keep dumping the strand until i get it right. Maybe i will work on it now since your box has inspired me to finish it. Do you like Flourite? I ran across this necklace with some huge Flourite carved beads it was so chunky and must of been 24in in length. It was a great find and now making something for myself and something to sell. When they are done do you want to see them?