Chunky Turquoise Belt Buckle

Looks like it is my week for large chunky pieces! No hallmarks on this. Love to get an idea of value and turquoise type. Any thoughts appreciated!

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What is that a piece of gold or turquoise? Is that iron pyrite legit or is it some type of filler? Looks like the previous owner did some repair on the buckle back.

I am totally stumped as well. Correct there was some poor soldering done on the back. I wonder if it is even sterling solder. I have a couple more photos that may help with the turquoise. I am totally at a loss! Does it look like filler to you?

I think you have a piece of turquoise with lots of host rock. The filler that I see seems to be one color not a variety like in your stone. I have added some pictures to show you a piece of Morenci and another piece to show you how similar the host rock color is to your stone.