Clasp types

Do newer Native American necklaces use a spring or lobster claw clasp? Most commonly, you see the old hook and eye type, and I’ve read somewhere that any other type of clasp indicates something may not be Native American. Is that true, or more so for older pieces?

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A barrel clasp will usually indicate an import. I think some people may use a pinch clasp or lobster, but this is less common.


Thanks @JW. I was looking at a necklace that was advertised as NA but new. It has a spring clasp and it had me wondering how common that is, or if that was a red flag I didn’t know about. I tend to look more at vintage pieces.

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Plenty of barrel clasps, lobster claws, etc. sold at the various supply houses catering to Native American Clientele, since at least the early 70’s. While it’s nice to have a handmade clasp, it’s not always the best or most efficient use of the silversmith’s time - so yes, plenty of commercially produced clasps on Native American made jewelry. Many of the hook and eye clasps are commercially made as well, and used by Indian and non-Indian silversmiths alike.


Thanks for the info, @mmrogers! Good to know that it’s not something to necessarily watch out for.

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