Claw necklace I found

Looking for opinions on this claw necklace I found today. There is no hallmark that I can see and no sterling mark.
Approximate age

Thanks as always for the help


A few more pics


Any opinions? Guesses?

Its cool, looks like it has some age, would guess 1980-90issh. The claws can be expensive, looks like silver beads except for at the top$120 - $150. What did you get it for?

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Jason, curious, how much do claws go for today? Is this a black bear claw?

We had to do a bracelet recently for a customer and he wanted black bear claws like this, $12.

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You’ve seen the grizzly bear necklaces? When they were the “must have” among high ranked tribal men,there were 3 ways to get one.
Left to you.
Kill owner.
Get 20-30 of your pals to kill a bear.
The Plains type “war shirt” could cost you 30 horses,btw.

I paid $80.00 for it at a local indoor flea market.

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good find, thanks for letting us know. It is always helpful when we know a price.