Cleaning and sealing turquoise

Hello, all.

New to this community and have inherited as well as bought turquoise over the years.

I’ve read about cleaning turquoise by hand with soap and water, then drying with a soft towel. What kind of soap do folks use? Any soaps (or soap categories) to avoid?

Is there a way to seal turquoise (maybe a clear wax?) and that helps to protect the stone given its porous nature?

Thank you.

The best thing is to wear the piece of jewelry, it will keep it polished from the constant brushing against your clothing and skin. We wash pieces after buffing and use a bar of soap and toothbrush, then dry.



When you say bar soap, do you mean something like an Ivory bar of soap?

Yes, but if you just use the brush it will be fine, just make sure to rinse the piece.