Clearing out some old stones. Thoughts?

I’ve had a bag of assorted turquoise chunks for probably 15 years now. I believe I bought them at an estate sale, after which I just stored them along with bags of other stones I had. Anyway, I’m clearing out a bunch of stuff, and came across them again. I plan to list them for sale, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I have here or if they aren’t even worth offering for sale. Some pieces have some gray plastic like material attached to them, some of them don’t look like turquoise at all. Maybe malachite or Azurite? I suppose the bag was left over from a jeweler and was pieces they weren’t interested in using anymore. Total weight is about 315 grams.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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Sorry, I tried to fix it while the post was pending, but I couldnt edit anything during that time.

In addition to turquoise, possibly variscite, and azurite from the photos. I think they would be marketable for cabbing.

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Some nice pieces there. Yes, very sellable.