Cobblestone inlay ring

Purchased as Rick Tolino, but I don’t think that attribution is correct. The construction of the ring has me worried it may be a southwestern style designer? What do you guys think.

I also found another ring that’s identical, which the seller describes as Hopi, I don’t believe that’s correct either. This one is umarked though:


I am finding inlay rings by him but they all have either “Rick” or “Rick Tolino” as a hallmark. I wonder if he has used a 3rd hallmark. More research is needed!


He comes into the store about once a week. I will try and remember this and get him to take a look. He works for a manufacturer in town, he wouldn’t have done the silver work just the inlay.


Ohhh I didn’t know that! It would certainly make sense though. Thanks Jason!

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Just an update… i am starting to believe that this ring isn’t Native American. I was able to find third ring in the exact same style, but with faux opal inlay


It is a beautiful ring. Hope you can find out more info.