Concho belt DM

Can anyone help identify this hallmark DM? The seller told me that she purchased the belt in Arizona in the 70’s. I have seen some conchos online by Dan Martinez but I haven’t found info on the artist including when he was active. Does that sound like a good guess? Other ideas? And any thoughts on whether the belt is in fact from the 70’s or which turquoise mine?

Thanks in advance!

It is interesting that you use the name Dan Martinez. Leon Martinez has made similar belts and uses an LM, however I have no idea if Dan is any relationship to Leon. The turquoise looks like it could be Morenci, if you see quartz call it Kingman. It is very possible the belt is from the 1970s, and if you feel like the seller has no reason to deceive you I would go with it. From the image it doesn’t look new. I couldn’t find anything in the hallmark books for the DM.

Thanks for your input Jason. I wasn’t familiar with morenci turquoise but reading about it now it does sound like what may be in the belt. It is a very intense blue color and the matrix has a silver metallic quality in places that I hadn’t seen before in turquoise.