Concho Belt stamped KS

So I am curious if anyone can identify the maker? The belt is stamped KS - a friend guessed Kirk Smith, but as far as I am aware his work is stamped with his full name in cursive. I am attaching a couple of pic, (hope this works). Nice belt, Conchos are pretty large.

Thanks for any ideas

Kirk Smith used KS as a hallmark before the signature Kirk Smith he uses now, don’t remember exactly but this change has been in the last ten years. It is a little different style then what he is making currently, but it is a Kirk Smith piece.

Thanks so very much. This is a good size belt, but I love stamp work, the turquoise is really pretty, so I think I am really going to enjoy it.

That’s a beauty!!

Thank you - A lovely woman was culling her collection of jewelry she no longer wears. She had a Calvin Martinez belt that was outstanding. But when I tried it on the conchos were a bit small on my frame, so my best friend bought it immediately. This was the other belt that she had, and next to the Martinez belt it just didn’t wow me. I looked at it again, with a little of the tarnish rubbed off, and decided it was perfect. I am having the strap changed to black leather and I cannot wait to wear this belt. It is also a bonus to know that the piece was made by such a well known artist. I really love this forum.

I just posted regarding information i am looking for regarding a concho belt stamped KS that I have…if you all want to read my post and if you have any information for the questions I posted, I would so greatly appreciate it!!!