Condition issues affect value?

Here are a couple of Squash Blossom necklaces in the collection in very good condition. The second picture has a stone that is cracked. Does that affect the value?

There is no doubt that a cracked stone will affect the value of an item, it is just a question of how much. Since I can’t make out the crack in the pics it is hard to say how much it would affect the price. A lot depends on the artist (if signed) the rarity of the stones, and if the stone is lose on the bezel. The lower piece looks like something that would come out of a shop around the 70-80’s jewelry boom. The top piece looks more like an individual artisan piece and may be signed on the back.
Not much help, but I would need to really see it to judge.

It is difficult to tell the turquoise from the picture, but you should be able to find a replaceable stone. Have a reputable dealer or artist do the change and you will be good to go. Thanks for sharing.