Cone stamp real vs fake

Here is a cone stamp I am wondering about. Also if there is a place I can look at a list with photos where might that be?

Thanks yall

for those of us that are hard of seeing


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perhaps one day I will learn your magic ways @Steve as always rocking it! thanks


not always accurate but a good number of known, unknown and fake examples of marks found on Native American jewelry can be seen here

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Are you asking about the decorative stamping on the cones?
Cones purchased from supply stores often had/have them.
I would not call them fake or real. Just a feature of the jewelry finding.

Sometimes, decorative stamping was added to plain cones.


Thank you @fernwood that’s what I was thinking was seeing if there was a specific come stamp source.

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I see they are like crazy crow trading post for jewelry. thanks

interesting backstory & history video -

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