Coral and Turquoise buckle marked Wayne Calavasa with Effie snake

Does any one know anything about "Wayne Calavasa"Have a buckle with his marking on it.
It looks quite old and is coral and turquoise . The buckle has the snake usually associated with Effie.

Hello. I have searched high and low for information on Wayne Calavaza. In Art of the People volume 2 from 1976 it shows that Effie has started using her own hallmark, not the one she shared with her husband Juan. So, I am assuming that he has already passed by this time. It also states that she had four children, all girls. When you google Wayne Calavaza the jewelry attributed to him has that 1960s - 70s look. Also, you don’t seem to see anything newer, so I am assuming from the information we have that this is a brother to Juan. Let us know if you find anything different.