Coral necklace and earrings

I found this set in an antique mall…one of those that rents stalls to people. I am in an area where you really can’t find anything native american. I saw it a few weeks ago, but didn’t buy it. I went back today and it was still there. I bought. Any thoughts on it?

What was it sold to you as? I am thinking those are glass beads?


Just like that…in the box…sitting in the case.

Here is the web page of him and his wife.

There is a necklace there with the same style of coral beads.

Interesting…this was written on the back of the card.

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Why not send them a photo of the set and ask for info about it?

That is a great idea…thank you so much.

The website is grossly out of date so possibly a difficult path to the artists. The necklace prices, though, do indicate souvenir-level items and so ideally the pricing should have reflected this.

It could easily be coral I think - I’ve some old strands from my grandmother that I’ve not done anything with - she bought them in Arizona in the '70’s.

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It’s a minefield, the use of the word “coral” in the marketplace. See these coral glass beads similar to OP’s, though possibly different in size.

Unless something else is revealed via online search, it seems the maker sold gift necklaces for casual tourists. This speaks to materials, too.