Coral Squash Blossom Unsigned Value?

I am hoping Jason or one of the pros can assist me with this piece. I absolutely fell in love with it on sight! It doesn’t have any markings or hallmarks. I am curious about the possible age, and more specifically the value. ANy assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance


And the photos…


I also love this. It has that nuggety but refined look that I associate with Alvina Quam’s work in coral, though I think I’ve read that it’s Dan Simplicio who started incorporating shaped but natural-looking coral branches in his work. I’ll be interested to read a professional assessment. I should add that I also like the rope twists on this which are extremely detailed but also sort of loose-looking. A lot of work here for an impression of ease & naturalness.

Well, I too will be happy to hear from a pro on this one. I think I may have traced similar work to Santo Domingo, but I can not find even one instance online or in my books that is even close. I may truly have a great piece?? I suppose I will make my best guess and put it up for sale. As much as I like it, I never wear these and my wife is quite happy with hers. We have all profited from ignorance at one time or another! I guess this is my chance to pay it forward!

This is a beautiful piece, big coral always impresses. The necklace would be a Navajo piece. These are big pieces of branch coral and can be expensive. Santo Domingo artists will cut the branches into squares, drill a hole in them and then grind them done to those very expensive tubes. It does look like this piece does have a little age. I see strands of coral like this that have a little smaller branch size go around $500, adding the big naja and silver squash blossoms I think you would see a price $1200 - $1500. Hope this helps.