Cornrow Inlay Cuff Bracelet

Hoping for info on this cuff bracelet. This is my only cornrow inlay piece. I have looked for similar pieces on the internet for comparison but haven’t found many that have the turquoise inlay on both sides to compare it to. I actually found one on this site but it’s a mosaic inlay piece so it’s a different style. Any help on the hallmark or turquoise, if it’s a Navajo piece? If you have seen one similar what was the value? Thanks MuchIMG_0667IMG_0669IMG_0668IMG_0670IMG_0671


We get these from a local artist now and then. He will do a variety of styles.

The multi-color piece is a similar style and is $570. I couldn’t find anything on your hallmark. The turquoise on your cuff appears to be a mix of American and Chinese turquoise. I really like your all turquoise piece. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jason,

I appreciate you showing me some similar styles. I haven’t been able to find many comparables on the internet maybe they just are not very popular. I was starting to wonder if it was even Native.

Thanks Again,


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