Could I get any help on this belt buckle please

Hi All
Could you please help me with this belt buckle please,it is listed as 1970s

Could I get any help on
The origin of the Turquoise
The maker
And a rough estimate on value

Thank you in advance I really appreciate al of your help
Regards caz

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image source:

Here is what I could find. The name is listed in two books, but not tribal affiliation is listed in either. In the Barton Wright book it listed this name as a smith for Indian Hammers. Not sure what that is, a shop or a trading post from days gone by. It also says the stamp first appeared in 1976. The top stamp is updside down. IHMSS=Indian Handmade Sterling Silver.
The turquoise looks to be Sea foam, and the Branch coral looks to be Mediterranean. The post by Steve showing a price is a good representation of what these go for. I never pay more than $200 for these as they tend to sit around for some time before they move.
Nice buckle and very nice coral!


Thank you so much for all your valuable information,I really appreciate this :smiley: