Could this bracelet possibly be Bisbee

I bought this bracelet many years ago when I had just started learning about turquoise. Didn’t know anything about it; just knew I should buy it. Someone mentioned to me several years ago that it looked like Bisbee Lavender Pit. The blue is that intense Bisbee color. It is a large piece of turquoise as you can see in the pictures.
Would really like to know if it is Bisbee and an appropriate value. It is a bracelet that is very dear to me and I’d like to know more about it. Thanks for any and all help.


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This is classic Bisbee. Good find!! Can you give us an idea of how large the stone is?

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Stone is 2 3/4” by 1 1/4”. Overall length 3 3/8”. Thanks! The heart vein was the ultimate selling point.

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I weighed a stone with a similar size and it was 78 carats, but it all depends on the thickness of the stone and the backing. Your stone is somewhere between a $600 - $1000 rock I am guessing. However, this is one isn’t just about the stone. It has the nice patina, big and a good look. I would put the piece around $2200 - $2500. Thanks for sharing.


Your appraisal has just moved me to tears. I bought it as a remembrance piece not long before my cousin (aka sister/best friend) lost her battle with cancer. I sure she would be dancing a jig! Now I will go move it into the safe.
Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.