Crazy intricate work with markings

emphasized text

Can you please upload more pics with views of the stone, the markings and the other sides of the piece…we can’t tell what or who it is at this point. Thanks!

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Sort there r no markings on this on strong text![image|375x500](upload://j9eUq3XgbY3zMsjBye99LVMKHBo.jpeg)![image|375x500](upload://54gY6nOm76wfKxosNn4ekNkdqxM.jpeg)![image|375x500](upload://oaLPCzHm0wqx1fOnpFmeZN6wKFS.jpeg)![image|375x500](upload://bPdbgmapRAa3DKGQELcZG4Z4LoN.jpeg)