Cross marked with J

Can anyone help me identify this cross? It was in my grandmothers things who recently passed away and given to me. It was cut off another necklace or chain that I don’t have. I know my grandma traveled through the desert from California to Utah many times from the 1960s to recent years and frequently stopped and bought nice authentic Indian jewelry. They also went to Arizona and 4 corners area. She has a lot of pieces that are Navajo so I assume this one is too. Does anyone know who this artist is? Relative age?

I found a handful of J hallmarks, Julia Cadman, Jean Dixon, James Jackson, Jimmy Long and Frank Perry. This should help you get started on your research. The piece is Navajo. I don’t believe that this piece is that old. If I had to guess I would think it has been purchased within the last 20 years. Thanks for sharing.