Crow Springs pendant by P. Sanchez

This pendant is another piece that I got from my friend. It has a very glossy finish so pictures were a challenge. It weighs 27g and is 2” long including the bale. The stone is roughly 1 3/8” by 1 1/4”. It’s an interesting Stone with the blue/green trying to peek through a haze of brown. I am not familiar with this turquoise and am interested in finding out the quality of this stone vs others from this mine. Also wondering if $295.00 is an accurate retail price. Thanks once again everyone.

This stone is looks really stabilized (like you can see the coat of epoxy across the top?) that suggest it might be something more common than a obscure mine like Crow Springs. The silver work is cast, manufactured. It does appear to have some nice size. I have seen it suggested when you see a price it is half, that is very common in Gallup, maybe this is such a piece.

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I was wondering why it was so super shiny. This is a piece that my friend bought at one of the shows; probably in North Carolina. Glad I didn’t spend much money that night. Thanks for the education.
I am pretty sure that the Crow Springs and the price were on it when she purchased the pendant.