Cuff Bracelet

Is this Navajo or Zuni?
Price of piece?
BB Sterling stamped?

Thank you~

Can you please attach some images, thank you.


Sorry-I thought I did. There are photos now.


I’m still not seeing photos. The seventh icon (arrow with bar underneath) is the picture upload button. Took me a while to get it right.

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Would be nice to see a pic of the back, with the hallmark, “BB sterling”… Benson Boyd, Bobby Begay both use BB, as well as others.

I’m NO expert, but I would guess it’s Benson Boyd work.

Others here know a lot more than I ever will, maybe they’ll pipe in!

Thanks Pete. You are so helpful. Thanks for helping me a while back. And I agree, that is a great cuff.

I’m thinking Navajo, too.