Cuff I’m considering

Here’s a cuff I find interesting. Is this style Navajo? What turquoise is it?

Does the patina look ok? Looks intentionally applied or is it just really dirty?


It’s lovely. It appears to have several different types of turquoise.


I have seen some items with this same blackened background. I think it is not natural patina but something like liver of sulfur applied in the creation process. Not a bad thing but just a design style.

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Would call this Navajo made. See good looking stones, would agree you have different mines here.

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Thanks! What types if mines do you see? Is it common to mix stone sources or was it repair over the years? If intentional, great; if not, I still think it looks pretty good. Thanks for your help

Thanks! Liver of sulfur? Wow. whatever it is, I like the name😁

I took another look at the various stones and cannot even begin to guess what mines are involved. Kingman is the only one I think I recognize…the left 3? The teal one…Chinese?