Curious about marking on older Native American ring

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I’m new here, just had to join after reading these forums and noting all the helpful info. shared. I recently purchased a NA ring (I think older/pre 1960s) because of the lovely turquoise stone and have been wondering about the hallmark on the back side ever since, it’s an etched paw print (see attached photo), possibly a bear or wolf paw? I checked out several NA hallmark websites, but couldn’t find an exact match, does anyone recognize this mark?

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<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/7/7aeb9e58eacd39c6b6a8aa32c3932995395752a0.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/7/799f7b95bb068c28f01f982788c217974cfb4999.jpg">

Hallmarks are not common pre 1960s, and the way this piece looks I imagine it was etched into the silver by an owner? Can you tell me what the initials are? Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jason for reading this. There are no initials, just an etched paw print that looks like it might be a bear or a wolf paw minus the claws, or maybe a dog paw? The seller in NM thought it was a Navajo ring, but she wasn’t sure. I just think it’s lovely, no matter who made it, though it would be nice to know. Are there any reference books that are good for picto type hallmarks or older hallmarks?

I have another question about a different vintage NA ring with a stone I can’t identify. I think maybe it’s turquoise, but it doesn’t look like any turquoise I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for reading this and best wishes to you and everyone on this forum.

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/5/5790eb4c8129728feb8497287eeaa181772c11a2.jpg">

It looks like turquoise. Always hard to tell from a picture, but seems like the turquoise. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jason, this one is odd for sure, but I love it. I’ve always been a sucker for the odd stones. :slight_smile:

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