Curious, looking for info

Hi, My name is Tara, I live in rural Pennsylvania. I lurk on here now and then but I’ve never posted. I have a few pieces I’m curious about -was wondering if it’s OK to post some photos? I have tried to do my own research but I’m not coming up with much! Thanks


Post away, we would love to see the items.

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it’s how we all learn.

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Thank You

The name etched in the piece Loyalita? Tsatte is a Zuni name, the style of the piece is Navajo. So I suspect she owned the piece. The SS is always difficult, is it sterling silver or the artist hallmark, don’t know. The bracelet is from a timeframe that the initials will be hard to identify if it is the artist. I would call that stone Castle Dome. Hope this little information helps.

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Thank You, very helpful!