Curious... u surprised?

not sure why this thought happened but u folks know how inspiration floats around until it hits u when ur not looking.
Why don’t I see dogs in/on NA stuff?
Insects,birds,reptiles,amphibians…some bear or bison,a few horses but the only dog is the “snoopy” inlay? Or the howling wolf/coyote wearing a bandana.

A lot of Fred Harvey jewelry, both bracelets and pins, has a figure that’s read as either a dog or a horse. Also dogs occasionally appear in storyteller bracelets, when the imagery includes sheep and/or pickup truck.

You will get a plethora of answers on this topic! The Dog/horse on Fred Harvey era jewelry was not a Native American symbol, but rather a symbol created by Europeans in the Native American fashion to sell jewelry. This is well known about the Harvey Era Jewelry.

I have a link for you to find out more. I have a great love of dogs myself, and despite that, I have eaten dog on three separate occasions. Once with my tribe, the Cherokee. Once at a pow pow in Anadarko, and once in Wyoming with the Cheyenne. While some Europeans may find this draconian, they are missing the point. I suspect that the lack of representation of domestic dogs in NA work may actually be more due to sacred respect than anything else. Eating a dog was not a thing done lightly. These animals were your loyal friend, protector, and fellow laborer. To give one up to the pot was a very big deal! It was used to seal a deal or agreement that needed special emphasis, to appease angry spirits, special ceremonies, and in times of famine.
I will not comment on anything else other than it was a very humbling experience!