Currently obsessed with these two!

Do you guys ever become obsessed with specific jewelry combos? I normally wear a ring on each finger, and am constantly rotating which rings I wear, but lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing just these two! I just love how these two compliment each other!


They look beautiful together. Is that Red Mountain on the left? I’m trying to learn. Have a long way to go.

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The moon on the left is stabilized Kingman turquoise, and the little white bits are quartz inclusions!

What are you calling the beauty on the right?

Still trying to figure that out. John Hartman Sr. commented that it might be Lone Mountain, a NA jewelry vendor I know commented that it might be Bisbee. I’ll upload a closer pic of it.

Please excuse the grubby fingernails, flea markets are dirty business!!

It is really nice. That good blue and black can be hard to identify sometimes. I have this one that I was told one thing when it was purchased, but believe it to be something else.