D. Reeves piece

I got this cuff from a relative years ago and want to learn from about it. I think she got it in Wyoming. It’s signed “D. Reeves” and is sterling silver. Very heavy. Lapiz? Any ideas of what it’s worth?


This was the hallmark used by David Reeves. He is the older brother to Gary and Daniel (Sunshine) Reeves. It is difficult to see the stone, but if it is lapis it is referred to as denim lapis. The hallmark has been attributed to Daniel and now Delayne Reeves (Daniel’s son) uses a very similar mark. I have had a few people ask for his work over the years, but I believe a lot of collectors think it is a Daniel Reeves piece. The bracelet looks nice, I imagine a price like $350 - $400 seems reasonable. Hope this helps.


Since we’re discussing D. Reeves, I have this stamped cuff. Is there a way to determine by the style of work whether it was made by David or if it was Delayne? From looking at David and Delayne’s work online I’m thinking Delayne. Any ideas as to identifying the artist? Thank you.

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The cuff is 2-3/8 inches wide.

Both of these cuffs are stunning~ @Lin , the simplicity of work on your piece is extraordinary!

Thank you, Q-Tea. It is a lovely piece.

Delayne hasn’t been making jewelry for long, I imagine this is David.

Thanks, Jason. I believe so too.