Daisy Beaded Necklace

Here is another jewelry item from my ancestors.
Posting here because all I know about it was what my Mom told me.

The year is about 1900. My Great Grandpa, his wife, Bertha, his brothers and his sister, Nellie, all live in a log cabin in remote NW Wisconsin.

My Great Grandpa is a logging camp foreman. His brothers work in the camp.
The ladies are often left alone for days.
Local Native Americans often visit them. When they do, Bertha gives them a bottle of whiskey and says “go away”, in Ojibwe language.
One time, a lone Native American came to the door. He said something they did not understand. Then pulled this necklace from a pouch he had. Handed it to Bertha. Nellie went to get a bottle of whiskey. He refused to take it.
Just walked away.

The cording on the necklace reminds me of the thread that was in a drawer of Bertha’s treadle sewing machine. The sewing machine bobbins were made from a thin cardboard.

This necklace is in two pieces at the moment.
I like that it looks like flowers and grass.


Oh my gosh. It is so beautiful. I love that this piece is here to see and in this way the art is not lost but may be carried on. Thanks for sharing.