Dan Simplicio Hallmark?

I have seen many of his jewelry pieces online that were not marked at all. I have also seen a few with a star hallmark. One website showed “DS” was his hallmark at one time. His son, Dan Simplicio Jr also makes jewelry but I think he signs is “Simplicio”. Can anyone tell me if this is Dan Sr’s mark on these earrings?

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I may have finally figured it out. I found a second website showing DS for his hallmark and they explained the star. I just wanted to post this in case anyone else ever comes across this problem. Simplicio

These are Navajo made earrings, not a Zuni style. The stone is Turquoise Mountain and really is not what you see at the time of Dan Simplicio work. These are some DS hallmarks you might check out, Danny Sandoval, Dave Scott, Dorothy Secatero, Dan Smiley, Dennis Smith.