Deep blue turquoise ring that seller kept referring to as Bisbee

Found this yesterday at a swap meet. The seller kep referring to the turquoise as Bisbee. It is a beautiful deep blue but I’m not convinced that it is actually Bisbee. I was thinking possibly Morenci. The turquoise is 7/8” by 3/4”. Don’t have a way

to weigh the ring but it is pretty heavy. I especially like the way the bezel conforms to the stone.
It has initials etched into the back. Think they are CAN.
Can anyone tell me what type of turquoise and an approximate value. Also, are the initials a hallmark or possibly an owners name.
Thanks for your help!

It doesn’t appear to be Bisbee. These two rings have a same kind of value as your agate. They are all nice.