Desperately in search of these earrings

Hello everyone.
I have a few earrings which I am in search of a mate, or even a set so long as it’s an exact match. You see, these earrings were my mother’s who passed away when I was a child. Theyre at least 25 years old (all except the last pair which I purchased myself a few years ago.) They are some of the very few posessions I have that were once hers and are extremely important to me. I would love to make them a pair once again. If anyone has or comes across any of them, please contact me directly by email at
Thank you in advance!!!



@Acutiestill, is the coyote earring hallmarked RL Sterling? I have similar Horse earrings and also lions, which seems odd to me for a Native American artist since lions are African. Anyway, if they are marked RL, you might try searching for Rob Livingston Sterling to find a match.

Thank you! I will check as soon as I get home!!! I’m currently camping.

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Some you could have an artist make a match for.

@Acutiestill, scratch that! Try Richard Lindsay. He did a line of Southwestern animals called Little Critters. I think that makes more sense. I have seen these attributed to Livingston, but I’m thinking Lindsay.

If you are unable to find, or have matches made, perhaps having them repurposed as charms for a charm bracelet or necklace might make a nice commemorative piece. I made a charm necklace using single earrings, pendants and beads, some of the earrings were from my mom and some were childhood earrings that I held onto.


Hi I have a pair of sterling earrings that I have that are very similar to the coyote earring. If you like the earrings, I’d be happy to give these to you, in memory of your Mom.

I they haven’t been shined in a million years - but should shine up beautifully!