Diamond ring. Or at least i hope

The bottom of the stone is cut off. There is a chip in the point . Labeled 14k and has a marking

I’m gonna say it’s not a diamond.
Here’s why.

  1. The girdle on this stone is way too thick. The girdle is the area around the edge of the stone where the prongs are gripping it.

  2. The prongs are large and uneven, and the setting is low budget. If this was a genuine diamond, the setting for a stone this big and clear and fancy cut world be much more detailed with very high quality. And the metal would be platinum or 18k instead of 14k.

However, stranger things have happened, so take it to a local jeweler and ask them to test it for you.

I am intrigued by the flat culet, which is common on antique cut diamonds. The culet is where all the facets come to a point on the underside of the stone.


Could be an older cut with the flat culet. The thick girdle could just be from maximizing the weight. I also see what look to be carbon inclusions. Old diamonds were typically the only stones cut with flat culets. The mounting means nothing. If real it could have been reset a number of times. Just be sure they show you the test results. Most testers will show a green lighted bar if genuine. DO NOT SELL IT. If genuine it looks large enough to warrant recutting.

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Well it passes some of the internet tests. Scratches glass, doesnt fog but a tiny layer that dissipates in less than a second, has small flecks on the inside, but not a single scratch on the outside. I never thought about the idea of having it recut if it were real. Since it has a chip in the front and because i think the pear shape cut is ugly!

What do you think about this big area of loss?

@AV …I don’t know without seeing this in hand, so you really need to take it to a jeweler to be sure.

It could be moissanite, as they are doing old cuts in that material these days.


More pictures

Does moissanite pass with the green lights on a diamond tester?

Like you @Stracci , I would need to see it in person. The table does seem large but that may be where the best cleavage area was on the crystal. The old mine cuts I’m familiar with are limited mostly to rounds and cushion cuts. How long have you had the ring?

The chip is likely from improper setting of the end prong. I always hated pointed stones and most of us practiced breaking points off on inexpensive stones.

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@StevesTrail @Stracci The culet & the table on this stone made me pause and wonder if it could be an OEC diamond. Is the prong partially broken that’s at the tip of the pear shape stone?

I had that thought too @Patina but I would expect the culet to be a bit smaller. Definitely looks like a chip at the tip of a pear.


What do you think of this diamond? The bottom is cut off as well. Its from the 20s to 40s and has been appraised. The ladies at the jewelers all thought it was fake

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Its my wedding ring . Its his great grandmothers stone

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I dont think the prong is broken, i think it was just cut that way. To me all the prongs appear to be cut that way. Except that one may have come out too short

Ive had it probably seven years.

With regards to the pear ring, damage occurred to that area. A stone would never be set that way.

The second ring looks nice. Unfortunately I never was able to judge a diamond by photos. Sorry.


In the last few photos of the pear ring, the stone looks really glassy.

@AV ,Your wedding set is really nice!


Probably because it was blurry from using 9times zoom and not getting the camera to focus. Or because i was eating something greasy at the same time i was taking pictures and touching the ring idk. Il give it a quick wash with some hand soap and l take a picture now with the day light.


I know nothing about diamonds, I even wear a Native American band for my wedding ring, but your wedding ring is gorgeous!

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Thank you. I really dont know anything about diamonds and probably learned the most about any type of jewelry the last 3 days from this website. I just like it because its pretty. Never really thought of myself as a collector of jewelry, but I sure do have a lot of it. Mostly just junk stuff. I’m sitting here thinking about all the gold and silver I’ve sold to pawn shops before I even thought to do any research on it. But thats ok

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It’s really hard to get my camera to focus for a good shot