Did I get taken?

Sigh. This was an impulse eBay buy. $67. The seller advertised it as Bisbee turquoise with spiny oyster, amethyst, other turquoise, and lapis. My instinct was to pass it by as the center stone doesn’t look like typical Bisbee. When it arrived, I was disappointed to discover the center stone feels plastic like when tapped with my fingernail. The matrix feels gritty and not plasticy.
My questions are 1)Does the center stone appear to be real turquoise? and 2)Is it Native American? (The band / shank appears odd for NA?)

Can you return it? If you paid by Paypal, you might be able to return it as “not as described” even if the seller has a no return policy.

Hmmm. Will look into that.

Thanks @Steve! The matrix pattern looks similar to one of the Kingman stones to me. Feeling a little better.

Hi I know a lot of time has passed but I want to chime in here too. I agree with Steve. It looks good. One thing to look for is “stacking” that looks reasonable. In your first photo there are matrix lines that look like natural cracks. like when you reposition the continents back together on a map :slight_smile: You can see the same in the Bisbee photos of Steve. This is next to impossible to achieve in a pressed block of reconstructed turquoise. Kyle