Didja hear some *good* news for a change?

shoulda kept better track of the announcement but…

a bunch of locations will no longer be called “squaw”-something! somebody finally noticed what a crap word that is. 'way overdue,eh?


Deb Haaland is doing great things!!!


Your referring to what they call “squaw wrap”. Found on necklaces without a clasp, where the string/s used to thread the turquoise are wrapped together and interwoven with each other so as to form one continuous join without a knot or lumps.

yeah,had to grit my teeth but didn’t know another name

Navajo wrap, whipping wrap, neck wrap. A well-known dealer used “Navajo wrap” in email to me.


thanks-pleased to have a better name

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I’m an avid skier, and happy to hear that Squaw Valley ski resort recently changed its name to Palisades Tahoe:

Would love to hear examples of other locations and businesses that are making similar changes. Of course, there’s always the Washington Football Team.