Discovered Hall mark on ring V

Bought this ring 5-7 years ago at a neighnor hood yard sale. The seller, a teenager, knew nothing about it, had been her grandfather’s. The setting is not what I am used to seeing, the stone, does not look like what I have seen. I think it 's glass.
Last night I was sorting thru some odds and ends when I noticed the V signature. And next to that a wall worn mark with the faint letters “STE” the rest too worn too make out.

Any thoughts if this could be NA. or a fake?
It is not green, that is a reflection from umbrella.


The V is similar to Vivian Jones.
Ste could be part of sterling.

Thank you. Yes I am sure the ste is part of sterling. I will see if I can find Vivian Jones pieces online.

The stone looks almost like a marble. Is it Hubble glass?


What color is the stone?

I don’t know what it is. It appeared glass to me. Which is why I did not believe it was NA until I saw the mark inside the ring that looked similar to Verdy Jake.

The stone is turquoise with black markings. No green in the stone.The “green” reflected on the silver setting was a relfection of a green umbrella above us. It was a bright sunny day when photo taken. Will try and take another one when the sun is setting and post later.

It has no connection to NA jewelry, unrelated to Verdy Jake’s work.

Is that a fingerprint impression on the inside of the shank?

No it’s not a fingerprint. Believe it or not it appears to be a scene, with trees, and a village of somesort, a boy and a dog. It has no correlation to outside of ring I can see.
It is impossible to get my lens inside the ring for a good

photo, but we have done the best we can.

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Now that the sun is going down, I hope this image gives a truer color. I can accept that it is not turquoise or NA, I was just wondering because of the V. Now I see many marks inside the ring that are a puzzle to me. There appears to be a figure outside, to the left of a village scene.
The back and the front of this ring do not seem to belong together, yet this is one ring. I do not who made it or when it was made. It does seem that a lot of effort was put in to it that was important to the maker.

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Very interesting.

The stone could be slag glass.

The setting appears to be tarnished. Sometimes, siler played copper tarnishes like that, but the ste mark would indicate the setting is sterling.