DJ hallmark

I checked a few reference website regarding hallmarks and I cannot find one for DJ anyone have any ideas? It’s on a heavy silver cuff
Thank you all!

Not sure what the top looks like, here are a few DJ hallmarks to research. Dennis James, Don Johnson, Don Juan and Dennison John

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Thanks Jason I’ll check out those names!

Sorry I think I might’ve posted this twice

Thank you for those names I’m going to check them out!

Good looking bracelet, didn’t help with the DJ. I think of Orville Tsinnie and Albert Bighand when I see this style.

Hi again Jason
can you check out my new post under “identifying and discovering” titled *what style of cuff is this?
I cleaned the cuff up, looks much better.

I’m not having luck figuring out who the artist is so I’m wondering if I should try another route and try to identify what style the cuff is and then go from there.