DJ hallmark

I checked a few reference website regarding hallmarks and I cannot find one for DJ anyone have any ideas? It’s on a heavy silver cuff
Thank you all!

Not sure what the top looks like, here are a few DJ hallmarks to research. Dennis James, Don Johnson, Don Juan and Dennison John

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Thanks Jason I’ll check out those names!

Sorry I think I might’ve posted this twice

Thank you for those names I’m going to check them out!

Good looking bracelet, didn’t help with the DJ. I think of Orville Tsinnie and Albert Bighand when I see this style.

Hi again Jason
can you check out my new post under “identifying and discovering” titled *what style of cuff is this?
I cleaned the cuff up, looks much better.

I’m not having luck figuring out who the artist is so I’m wondering if I should try another route and try to identify what style the cuff is and then go from there.

The three DJ hallmarks in Hougart’s book are Dennis James, Dennison John and Don Johnson. You might research these names and see if you find a similar style.

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