Does Anyone Know This Hopi Hallmark?

I have a Hopi silver watchband I purchased years ago during a trip to Arizona and New Mexico. Part of the Hallmark looks like Hopicrafts but there is an additional mark I cannot identify. Any help would be appreciated.


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So I tried to find the hallmark in my Hopi Silver book, and not sure about it (my book is not a recent edition). I found something similar, but it’s a little hard to tell, because they are drawings in the book. I also looked on a different online site and found something similar. Unfortunately there’s also a fake mark mentioned for this artist. I’ll post them all and see what others think. You also could try calling the Hopi cultural set Center on Second Mesa in AZ and see if they have any thoughts.

These are from my book…

The top is from the Medicine man website, and the other from the Amerindian site

This is also from the Amerindian site. This site does have some inaccuracies.

Also depends on how long ago you bought it. He started working in 1975 according to my book.

Good luck!

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Thank you. It sure looks like Raymond Kyasyousie, but also sort of like the fake mark also. I purchased the watch band in the mid-1980’s. Most of my Hopi jewelry was purchased at the Hopi Cultural Center or the Museum of Northern Arizona. This watch band, however, may have been purchased from a dealer near Albany, NY who made regular trips to the Southwest, which increases the possibility in my mind that it may be fake.

I think Ziacat is correct. I have one of his items.

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Raymond Kyasyousie no doubt. There are variations in his hallmark due to the simple stamps he uses to make them. Quite normal in Hopi hallmarks.


I agree with Christibo. That is definitely a stamped mark, not a laser etched one.

I hope these are Raymond Kyasyousie …but they have no Hopi craft hallmark. IMG_8388|666x500


I bet they are. My book did not show the guild mark along with his hallmark, so maybe he didn’t always use both. I love the one with the stone especially, that’s not terribly common. I have one cuff with a stone.



Thank you all for your help.