Does anyone recognize a stamp of a horseshoe with a backwards arrow through it?

I am not even positive it is Native American. I have two pieces marked that way. Both a little different than the usual you see in Native American. Yet, could be. I know pictures might help but the stamp is just that other than I think on one there is a copyright symbol. I would appreciate it. The ring has three carved stones, carnelium, dyed lapis, and chrostoprase on a ring of gold plate over sterling. The jeweler verified that much. The carving is in the actual stones and very hard to get in a photo.

It sounds like the mark for Uncas Manufacturing of Providence, RI. If you google them, you will find examples of the mark.

Oh Thank you! You are absolutely right! Strange stamp, from 1920 to 1988. And that company had a lot of stamps! Thank you for your help. In her collection are two with this mark.

You’re welcome. Some of the early Uncas sterling pieces are very nice.

The jeweler said this ring is gold plate over sterling and the stones have carving in them but are carnelium dyed lapis and chrostoprase? I have yet to research that. I am going up to see him today and hope he can spell that so I can look it up. The other piece is a sterling piece. I have to find it now that I know from where it came. Thank you for your help.