Does this Moss Agate necklace appear to be Native American

I bought this necklace recently and it was advertised as 1940’s Native American Moss Agate necklace that had been restrung. I wasn’t convinced about that part but I had been wanting a piece of MA jewelry and the stones were nicely matched and visually pleasing so I bought it.
Can one of you knowledgeable people help? I have read that MA was used in Native American jewelry but that’s about the extent of my knowledge.
I’m curious about the beads. Some are fairly smooth and others have a distinct ridge. Also, what type of value does it have? Thanks for the help.

I imagine it is possible. The melon style beads and other beads between the agates give it that contemporary look. You can purchase agate beads at a very reasonable price and with the look this necklace has now I don’t think the idea of it being an antique creates any more value. It looks like the beads are tumbled and those ridges are just a natural part of the stone. I would do a little research on the prices of different necklaces.–sVOYX_20vv5H9bnQSLlLr_4%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ7fjuop_bAhU1NH0KHUdVBIgQ9QEIlgEwAg#imgrc=

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Thanks Jason. I will check them out.