Double-sided pendant

A dear friend sent me this pendant for my 72nd birthday. She has had it for years and no idea where it came from.
There are no markings. It is weighty.
Any info/opinions are greatly appreciated.


Wonderful pendant. I don’t see a NA influence in it but I always appreciated the karat gold and turquoise combination. It’s nice to see it more in NA jewelry. Back in the day it was rare.

I’ve only had a few clients with the good taste to appreciate it and have a piece created. Most want to relegate turquoise to silver because it does not have the “value” to warrant gold. They could not be more wrong. In my opinion the blue stone is Blue Gem mine. My guess at the green: Carico Lake.


Very pretty turquoise, what a lovely gift. I would guess Kingman on the blue.


What a pretty pendant, and happy birthday if this was a recent gift! No metal mark at all? I’d expect one if it’s 14K. Of course it’s possible to test for content.

Agree on it being a typical Kingman turq for the blue stone. Unlikely to be NA.

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I stand corrected. Just compared my Blue Gem and Kingman. @Ziacat & @chicfarmer are right on.

Congratulations :smiley: What a wonderful gift. I would get it tested for gold content if you want to know. Most pieces are marked on the back but since this is two sided, It makes sense not to see any markings. Maybe check the inside of the bail? If no markings, I wouldn’t necessarily rule out it being made out of gold. Most older pieces, especially handmade pieces didn’t have markings and if it once had a chain the markings would usually be on that. I deal with a lot of vintage jewelry and see many pieces that are not marked that turn out to be gold after testing. Either way it’s a beautiful piece and a wonderful gesture by your dear friend. Enjoy wearing your lovely gift :smile:


A lovely pendant! It is refreshing to see turquoise in beautiful yellow gold.